Was your home built before 1978? If it was then your home could contain dangerous levels of lead paint. Virtually anyone, including your pets can be affected. Children are the most often poisoned. Lead can pass from the mother to her unborn child before birth, high levels of lead can increase the risk of a miscarriage and it can also cause the baby to be born too small or too early. Lead paint doesn't have to be ingested as paint chips, you can be poisoned by inhaling lead dust. Protect your family, friends and pets, call the experts at Cat Inspection Services for a lead free piece of mind.

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Home Inspections...Are you thinking of buying a new home? Do you need a professional, complete home inspection? Hire someone with your best interest at heart. Hire the Buyers Inspector.

At Cat Inspection Services we offer a 16-page report, with every major and minor system within the home inspected. You'll feel confident from the ridge beam to the basement floor and everything in between. Cat Inspections offers competitive rates and 20 years of experience. Call Cat Inspections and hire the Buyers' Inspector.

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